Welcome to Void Gate Studios!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Void Gate Studios Website, or alternatively referred to as my Final Project Development, where on this website I will be both discussing and illustrating the entire development process of one of my next game projects called ‘Soul Bound’, which I intend to plan, create and release within the next few weeks of production. The main purpose of this website is to provide you with a clear and informative background of the game project , as well as demonstrate the type of work which our company aims to produce. Within our studio website, there will be several pages available where you can freely browse our work, find out more about the team and what our company aims to achieve, as well as the production log which briefly breaks down the ‘Soul Bound’ project from start to finish.

If you have any questions or queries you wish to ask about, or if you’re interested in the work we produce, feel free to send us an email down below in ‘Contacts’ which can be located at the bottom of the page.

Who are we?

Void Gate Studios is a small private business comprised of young, motivated and enthusiastic game designers ready to break through the standard barriers of games, and revolutionize the world with brand new ideas that will improve and change the future of gaming. Void Gate Studios consists of game designers who have managed to achieve a university degree and possess advanced skill and knowledge operating several software’s for the creation of digital artwork, 3D modelling and programming. The team amongst the studio is filled with a mixed variety, ranging from 2D/3D artists, 3D/Character Modellers, Environment Artists, Programmers and Marketers.

What we do!

Our goal is to plan and create spectacular visuals within video games so there is a lot more to grasp when playing games. Whether it ranges from environments, levels, lighting, or visual effects, we want to offer players more opportunities to explore and discover new landscapes freely, instead of being used for simple and irrelevant backgrounds. Additionally, we also intend to create enjoyable action and adventure based games for players, so they would want to keep coming back for more.

Check out our Portfolio!

Want to see more of our work? Then feel free to click the button down below and visit our ‘Portfolio’ Page so you can grasp on the type of work which Void Gate Studios has created, as well as previous projects I have personally developed in the past. The ‘Portfolio’ Page will provide a brief outlook on some of my own work, both for my current game project known as Soul Bound, as well as other projects I have developed alongside. For the time being, most of my work are visuals of artwork and 3D models, but there will a be a lot more to advertise in the following future.

About Me

Joseph Radley

Hello there! My name is Joseph Radley, and I am a 21 years old game designer who is currently searching for employment within the games industry, so I can show off my skills in games design, and create spectacular games for the sake of what I love. As of right now, I possess a university degree in computer games design and have advanced knowledge and skill operating several development software’s which are needed for games creation. I have great interest in gaming, and wish to search for career employment as a Level Designer, Environment Artist, 3D Modeller or Visual Effects Artist. I have excellent communication skills, and am competent as both an individual worker and as part of a team. I am a very determined individual who is willing to help others when needed and I am always willing to learn and improve.

Level Designer & Environment Artist

FMP Project (Soul Bound)

Soul Bound?

‘Soul Bound’, which is the title of my next game project, is a first person shooter where you play as a veteran solider who has been assigned to investigate the mysterious appearance of a crystalline encrusted meteor which plummeted into the Redwood Forests. The impact of the strange meteor has caused many wildlife within the redwood forest to mutate, and emanates with strange sources of alien life. As of right now, Soul Bound is currently an Alpha release, meaning that this will not be an officially completed project and will receive further updates in the following future. The main objective in Soul Bound is to transverse with the dense Redwood Forest, and not be spotted or killed by the infected creatures which roam around that location. Soul Bound will be one of my first game projects which will represent my game studio, and is the current project I am working hard to create. Soul Bound will be targeted towards PEGI 18 audiences and for the time being will only be available to play on PC platforms, at a later date, depending on the success of this project, as well as the positive feedback which I receive from the public, this will be pushed towards console platforms as well. I have invested a lot of time towards this project, creating several concept illustrations ranging from game posters and merchandise for advertisement, as well several developed models to suit the style of the game I have been looking for.

Soul Bound (Video)

If you want more information about the ‘Soul Bound’ Project, feel free to take a look at this short video I recorded that breaks down a early build game, as well as other info regarding the process of my game, software’s I used to create everything, and gameplay footage!

Final Project Development (Soul Bound)

Down below within the final project development of Soul Bound are three links which discuss the entire production of this project. The three pages which are currently available is the ‘Ideas for my Final Project’, ‘Planning and Preparation’ and ‘Production Log’.

Ideas for Final Project

Check out some of the ideas which I generated during the pre-production stage of my project development, which will provide a few examples of my previous game ideas on what my project was going to be. This page will also discuss the reasons to why this project was my finalized idea, as well as some justifications to back up my points to why this was selected amongst the others.

Planning and Preparation

Visit my ‘Planning and Preparations’ page to have a good understanding on the types of resources I intend to use for my project development, as well as other tools and resources that I plan to either use or develop within the future. This page will provide everything which I prepared from beginning to the end of this project which involves Action Plans for pre-production and production, available tools and resources which will be applied towards the project, and much more.

Production Log

Feel free to take a glance on the ‘Production Log’ page of my Final Project which will provide the step by step process of most of my work generated from scratch to its completed product. This page will also provide weekly objectives of my project development which will contain everything that has been included towards the final product, such as game assets, use of lighting, software’s used and much more.

Contact Me!

Join Us Now!

Are you interested in our work? Want to show off your skills to the games industry? Do you have a great passion for creating games? Then go ahead and join us now by sending an email directly to our studio so you can start your journey. Our studio craves for young and motivated individuals who possess the strive to branch new ideas to the table and create games for the love of it. If want to keep in touch with our work, also join us on the following social media platforms down below to keep up to date with our plans.

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